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George Valkov

Founder & CEO

Meet George! George is a respected craftsman, with classic training and inventive sensibility. He was born and raised in Bulgaria, where he learned the trade through his relatives and a classic European apprenticeship education. In the 30 years since, he has specialized in custom cabinetry and furniture. His passion is driven by solving unique problems, starting from the development of custom tools and techniques, and ending with original pieces of furniture. In his boldest undertaking, George moved to the United States with his family in 1999 and started his business in 2010, amidst the recession. George’s Cabinets has nevertheless grown into a 4,000ft2 space with a team of 3 full-time employees. He continues to run both shop floor production and business operations. The small firm has done it all, from high-profile celebrities’ furniture, to large-scale commercial projects, to beautiful kitchen cabinets in local homes.

On his off time, George enjoys reading a good piece of literature or busting out some dance moves with the Atlanta Tango community. When he gets to business, we can tell his first priority is to make people happy, customer or employee. His strong ethics in life and inexhaustible care for the craft and have placed him where he is today, and that’s what makes George a unique character.



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Ray Burnham

Lead Craftsman

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